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SOLD 1970's Vintage Chinese Cinnabar Big Dragon Cuff

Sold Vintage Jewellery

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Spectacular red cinnabar lacquer dragon bracelet. Ornate and hand carved, this is a bold, wide bangle with an elaborate, deep carving motif of dragons, flowers, fish and organic swirls - circa 1970's, it is a deep and luscious red - a large statement bracelet.

Item Details


3.5cm Wide - 20.5cm Inner Circumference (26cm Outer Circumference) - 8cm Diameter


82 Grams



Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition!! Shows mild wear commensurate with age, no dings or chips, will come with some patina, as level of polish is a matter of taste, has a handcrafted look to it, amazing vintage piece.

About this Piece


These days Cinnabar is a carved lacquered wood or resin. It’s a very long and laborious process - the bracelet or bead core is made and countless layers of lacquer are applied, and allowed to dry one by one, until the desired thickness is reached (this can take weeks or months of production) and then the artisan hand carves designs into the piece. Originally, genuine old cinnabar was a rock mineral, which was carved and made into jewellery until it was discovered that the main constituent was a highly toxic mercury and so the wood and lacquer version became popular.