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Vintage Jewellery, Navajo and Mexican Silver

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SOLD 1980's Delicate Malachite Navajo Cuff

Sold Vintage Jewellery

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Lovely delicate sterling silver vintage cuff bracelet with a leaf and berry setting with two sawtooth bezel set pieces of malachite, rope details. Navajo, 1980's, handmade and stamped Sterling and S.L. (possibly Sandra Leonard's work).

These authentic vintage pieces of jewellery handcrafted by Native American silversmiths between the 40's - 80's. If they are not marked, they test Sterling Silver, they are Navajo, Zuni and Hopi made. They are hand wrought so many have a handcrafted look to them, stunning vintage pieces. They will come with some patina on them, as level of polish is a matter of taste.

Item Details


Inner Circumference 16cm Setting 2.8cm x 1.6cm (malachite pieces are 0.6 x 0.4cm each)


11 Grams


Sterling and SL


Malachite, Sterling Silver

Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition! Shows mild wear commensurate with age, will come with some patina on them, as level of polish is a matter of taste. No chips or scratches, this is hand wrought and has a handcrafted look to it, stunning vintage piece.

About this Piece

Sterling Silver

Sterling is an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% pure silver (925 parts of 1000 thus the 925 stamp), the remainder is made up of a mix of metals (most commonly copper) used to make the metal workable. Pure silver is generally considered too soft to work with, although you can find silver jewellery at 950 or 980, even the occasional 99.9% fine silver, which can be work-hardened to increase durability.


Malachite is a brightly banded green mineral carbonate that forms deep underground, most often as a result of weathering of copper ores - it is the copper component that gives it it's rich green tone. Archaeological evidence suggests we have been carving out of Malachite as far back as 4,000 BC. Malachite is soft and a little brittle, it is sensitive to both acids and heat and requires gentle care, no chemicals or ultrasonic cleaning, avoid makeup, perfumes and cleaning products.