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Vintage Jewellery, Navajo and Mexican Silver

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SOLD BIG Onyx Aztec Warrior Brooch

Mexican Vintage Jewellery

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Fantastic figural onyx brooch. Handcrafted in Mexico, circa 1940 (pre eagle), this is a large, highly detailed brooch. Carved onyx face an body with sterling silver repoussé limbs and head dress, warrior figure holds a club and mayan calendar coin ornately carved shield. Very unusual, one of a kind vintage statement brooch.

Item Details


6cm x 4.2cm


9 Grams (pair)


Stering Mexico


Onyx, Sterling Silver

Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition. Shows mild wear commensurate with age, no dings or chips, will come with some patina, as level of polish is a matter of taste - the back has quite a dark patina, comes off with a polish of you prefer.

About this Piece

Sterling Silver

Sterling is an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% pure silver (925 parts of 1000 thus the 925 stamp), the remainder is made up of a mix of metals (most commonly copper) used to make the metal workable. Pure silver is generally considered too soft to work with, although you can find silver jewellery at 950 or 980, even the occasional 99.9% fine silver, which can be work-hardened to increase durability.

Mexican Tribal Mask

The carved tribal mask was popularised in the Art Deco period in Mexican jewellery. Inspired by the pre-columbian Aztec and Mayan civilisations and carved out of various stones - onyx, calcite, amethyst, tiger's eye, sometimes cast in bronze or copper - the mask features in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.