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Vintage Jewellery, Navajo and Mexican Silver

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Sterling Mexican Wreath Vintage Earrings

Mexican Vintage Jewellery

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Vintage Small Mexican Floral Wreath Earrings

Lovely, small and elegant vintage Mexcican vintgage earrings.

Handmade, delicate work, turquoise chip in resin in a little floral wreath, lovely rich colours, small and delicate earring.

(Please note last image is to give you an indication of dimensions, listing is for the single pair)

Item Details


2cm x 1.4cm


3 Grams


Mex 925


Enamel, Resin, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition. Shows mild wear commensurate with age, will come with some patina, as level of polish is a matter of taste. Has a handcrafted look to it - amazing vintage piece.

About this Piece

Sterling Silver

Sterling is an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% pure silver (925 parts of 1000 thus the 925 stamp), the remainder is made up of a mix of metals (most commonly copper) used to make the metal workable. Pure silver is generally considered too soft to work with, although you can find silver jewellery at 950 or 980, even the occasional 99.9% fine silver, which can be work-hardened to increase durability.

Chip Inlay

Chip inlay is a jewellery technique whereby cavities are carved into silver and filled with a mixture of crushed natural stone; typically turquoise, coral or lapis and an epoxy resin. Once the resin has cooled and hardened, it is polished smooth. The technique is popular in both Mexican and Native American jewellery - the colour often vibrant and the layers of crushed stone give a nice depth.