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Vintage Jewellery, Navajo and Mexican Silver

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Spectacular Massive Modernist Collar

Mexican Vintage Jewellery

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Handcrafted in Taxco, Mexico, circa 1980 this heavy modernist necklace is superbly crafted. Highest quality necklace with twenty six smooth articulated links, ever second link has a window of turquoise chip, inlaid in resin. This is a spectacular necklace, in a serious gauge of silver, sturdy tab claps that closes with a crisp click, and gorgeous cleopatra style clasp. Incredibly well made, sturdy but elegant, in a classic style - it will last a lifetime.

Item Details


Approximately 46cm / 18" | Each link 1.7cm x 2cm




TV-42 Mexico 925 (and something too worn to read)


Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition!! Shows mild wear commensurate with age, no dings or chips, will come with some patina, as level of polish is a matter of taste. The silver is in fantastic shape with minimal surface wear.

About this Piece


High in the hills of southern Mexico is a small town named Taxco, rich in silver deposits with a history of mining and silver smithing, this town has produced some of the world's finest design and workmanship in vintage jewellery. The Mexican Revolution (a long and bloody civil war) ended in the 1930's leaving people and produce able to move freely for the first time in 30 years. American architect William Spratling, enamoured with the towns skills and resources, helps to reinvigorate the silver industry by creating silver design workshops, and exporting the produce, mostly to the United States. This little town became a hive of original design and expert craftsmanship attracting artisans and artists, like few other places and produced some of the worlds finest silver work for a 50 year period.

Sterling Silver

Sterling is an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% pure silver (925 parts of 1000 thus the 925 stamp), the remainder is made up of a mix of metals (most commonly copper) used to make the metal workable. Pure silver is generally considered too soft to work with, although you can find silver jewellery at 950 or 980, even the occasional 99.9% fine silver, which can be work-hardened to increase durability.