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Vintage Jewellery, Navajo and Mexican Silver

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SOLD Vintage Big Chinese Cloisonné Blue Enamel Bracelet

Sold Vintage Jewellery

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Amazing Handcrafted Old Chinese Bracelet

Ornate and spectacular brass bracelet, lovely organic enamel design in a floral and leaf pattern, deep, rich colour, this a large statement bracelet, heavy quality piece, made circa 1970's or earlier, lined in azure blue enamel.

Item Details


Inner circumference 21cm, diameter 7cm, 3cm wide.


93 Grams



Condition Report

Spectacular vintage condition. Shows mild wear commensurate with age, a pinhead rough spot on enamel, none missing, will come with some patina as level of polish is a matter of taste. Has a handcrafted look to it - amazing vintage piece.

About this Piece

Guilloché Enamel

Enamelling is the fusing of powdered, coloured glass to metal under very high heats. There are many different enamelling techniques - Guilloché enamelling is the process of working a fine pattern into the base metal, and covering it with a very smooth, coloured enamel surface that allows the pattern underneath to show through.